Who We Are

We are a strategic planning, management and business development consulting firm.

Our mission is connecting Czechia to international markets. Whether that means Czech based businesses expanding to the Americas or US based businesses looking to tap the Czech and European markets. We believe it is important to create a bridge between the two strategically positioned cities as Prague and Miami are and provide business owners with open dialogue and guidance on how to successfully navigate their business expansion either way.

Why Prague? We consider Prague strategically located in the heart of Europe since it provides unique access to the whole European Union market. Among others, Prague offers high concentration of local and international talent and was labeled as the new tech hotspot in Europe. The founder of Czech Connect is Czech and spent the first 25 years of life living in Prague. As a young professional with legal background, knowledge of the European business environment and the local cultures, she relocated to Miami, where Czech Connect was founded and is headquartered.

Why Miami? Undisputedly, Miami is a gateway to the Americas and that’s why we chose it as the main headquarters. Miami offers a key strategic location for easy access to US markets and serves as a key corridor to Central & South America. Miami has major air and seaport, world class infrastructure and is the second largest banking center in the US. It was recently labeled as America’s hottest finance & tech hub.

Whether your business is in the Americas looking for access to Czechia or you are in Czechia looking to access the Americas, let us connect you.

We are connecting these two global hubs in order to establish internationally strategic connections for your successful business expansion. If you are interested in discussion, click here to schedule a quick call.