Our Services

One of the biggest challenges for business growth is bridging the multiple different cultures. We live in a world where a simple misunderstood email can be the difference between a long-term partnership or a forever lost opportunity. Our team is here to help you navigate these cross-cultural complexities.

Our job is to understand the uniqueness of your business and partner with you to develop strategic plans to execute your business growth. It could be as simple as an introduction to the right contact or more complex as establishing an operation locally and winning federal contracts. We understand that expansion is about gaining new customers and the right business opportunities.

With Czech Connect we leverage our wide network of resources to connect you to government contracts, funding opportunities, joint ventures, public/private partnerships, Universities, and much more across Czechia and the Americas.

Whether your business is in the Americas looking for access to Czechia or you are in Czechia looking to access the Americas, let us connect you.

European businesses looking to expand into the Americas must have a footprint in Miami in order to gain access to the second-largest banking system in the US and a key artery between North, Central, and South America.

We gladly provide you with services that range from Company Formation, Staffing & Operations Management; Business Development & Market Research; Legal & Compliance all the way to Financial Consulting; Digital Marketing Strategies; Accounting & Tax, or IT & Technology.

Do you want to engage? Contact us and become our partner just like these companies: Czech AI and software company in the process of engagement in bidding for US government contracts; Czech Aviation company in the process of engagement in bidding for South American government contracts; Czech proptech software company connected to a large telecom provider in the US; US importer and distributor connected to Czech munitions manufacturer; a non-profit entity set up with US headquarters & operations for incoming European company as well as established business tights into the public, private, and University sectors.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us to discuss business opportunities tailored for you.